A 2d puzzle game developed with Unity in 48 hours

Global Game Jam 2021

Download to play! Key: qh1e

Game Trailer

Project Description

Tag: 2D, Puzzle-solving
Background: Global Game Jam 2021
Language: Chinese
Platform: Windows, Mac OS
Game Engine: Unity

The player, who will play as a private investigator investigating a missing couple case in 2008, went to visit the room where the girl of the missing couple used to live before she went missing. Everything in the room seems to be the same as it was 13 years ago: the old-fashioned QQ, Qzone, Qianqian Jingting Music Player on the computer... What is hidden in these outdated applications? Through this computer, you can even interact with the real-world network: how to use today's technology to uncover the dusty secrets of the past?