Find Steve Trilogy

Three PC Games based on the story of Steve and his dog.

About Find Steve Trilogy

From Find Steve to Find Steve pt.3, this series has taken three different game genres and appealed to all kinds of audiences. Find Steve was an arcade-like game: the dog needs to find its owner Steve among dozens of pedestrians. The features of Steve is provided at the beginning of every search. Since the pedestrians are constantly moving in random routines, the game can be continually played with only three Steve as the target.
Find Steve pt.2 is my personal favorite: a puzzle-solving game that boldly switches between the perspectives of both Steve and his dog. The hints were provided in various forms including texts, sounds, animations, and drawings.
Find Steve pt.3 is an interactive art game that focuses more on art and sound effect, and help Steve to find back all of his memories.

Find Steve I

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Project Description

Tag: 3D, arcade
Platform: WebGL
Game Engine:Unity

Find Steve I is a first-person game where the player plays the role of a dog who lost his owner Steve. The art style is unique, with a 2d art style based on a 3d environment: meaning that the pedestrians (including Steve) will be in thin paper cardboard while walking in a 3d city.
The description of Steve refreshes every time after the dog managed to find Steve. Each pedestrian has its own combination of pants, legs, and shoes, the dog needs to use the hints in the description to locate Steve.

Find Steve II

Video Demo

Project Description

For the sequel of Find Steve, we designed Find Steve (pt.2). Different from the previous arcade-like gameplay, the core gameplay for Find Steve (pt.2) is puzzle-solving.
The game is divided into two main scenes: Steve’s office and in the city. The player switches between the role of Steve and the dog to complete the role’s separate missions that together support the main goal of the game: Save Steve from his office.

Development Process

Steve’s office map:

Part of dog’s scene:

Table of puzzles:

Quest No. Subject Goal Puzzle Hint Fail Standard Alternative Win
1 Dog Head to office Think: Steve at his office / /
2 Steve Get out of office Think: Outside Gate needs a card
See: Card in boss coat
See & hear: Dog outside the window
1 If Steve leaves his desk more than 60s
2 Boss sees Steve in his office
3 Steve throws more than 1 irrelevant object out of the window
3 AC Turn on AC temp Think: Temp goes up, boss removes clothes
Think: Remote in the boss drawer
/ Throw chair at AC
4 Water Dispenser Make boss go out to pee Think: boss drinks lots of water / /
5 Dog (After Steve Turn On AC) Use Switch in Electric box to Break Street Light See: Street Light
See: Electric line & box
Bite Electric Line and Die /
6 Steve Take Card Throw to Dog / Didn’t get the card before the boss come back /
7 Dog Throw Card at Gate / / /

Find Steve III

Project Description

We planned to tell the story of Steve in our way, hence we limited player’s ability to walk around and only created a linear gameplay experience for our player. We created a story where Steve is trying to retrieve his lost memories.

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Intro Stage

The dolly camera leads the player through hills and finally stops in front of Steve, who is lying against an old TV. The screen then reveals Find Steve, and a spotlight that says “pt.3” is projected on the ground.

Stage I: Try not to fall

The game starts with Steve falling from the sky along with other objects from his memory. Those objects would fall straight off the ground, down into a memory void. Steve survived, but he needs to avoid those gaps on the ground so that he doesn’t suffer from forever memory loss.

The technical issue we came across here was the jumping system: we used rigidbody and made the character jump by adding force on vector3.up. The jump height, however, is never stable. Sometimes Steve would jump super high and other times it could barely jump. We couldn’t figure out how to fix this issue.

Stage II: Where is everything else?

Steve will then be faced with glowing memory orbs. Every time he walks into one orb, he will see the stage in front of him slowly revealing a piece of memory which contains only himself. In those memories, it seems like that he is interacting with other objects, but there isn’t anything else. Where is everything else?

Stage III: A leap into the memory tunnel

The road in front of Steve suddenly starts collapsing and reveals a blinding tunnel in front of Steve. Steve started running. Then he took a leap into the tunnel. There, he finds several memory fragments of the memory pieces he saw in the previous stage.
In the memory tunnel, the player is allowed to move left and right to collect these memory fragments to fill up their lost memories.

Stage IV: What really happened

Steve landed on the ground. In front him, Steve sees the same three stages he saw in Stage II, except that the stage will only reveal itself if Steve saw the incomplete memory earlier, and the fragments would only appear if they were collected during the fall. Steve will also hear the sounds happening in each stage when he walks by.

Stage V: To jump or not to jump

By the end of the path, Steve would stop for the first time. The player would discover that they can now control Steve however they want. They can move forward and jump off the edge, indicating a will to restore more memories. If they jump, they will come across the ending scene that tells him what percentage of memories they managed to recover just now.