A 2-day-project for 2020 NYU Abu Dhabi Hackathon

Project Description:

Task: Design an Android application which uses AI and natural language processing to increase the efficiency and improve the experience of getting necessities by automating the most tedious tasks associated with getting necessities.
Target User: Those with limited access to technology and knowledge find it difficult to get food and necessities in Covid-19 pandemic.

Working App Demo

UI & UX Design

Before creating the user interface, I designed the flowchart of Butlar app. The flowchart lists out all possible operations the user would execute while interacting with the app.

With Figma, I created the app interfaces. Then I added interaction with Figma built-in animation system.


This product would be supported through a consortium of large necessities providers, who would each contribute funding to support the product team. It would not be a for-profit business in order to maintain a neutral outlook in order to maintain trust.

UX/Product Works